Shortlisted Green Initiative – York Mosque

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York Mosque and Islamic Centre was established in 1982 and provide a variety of services to the community, with a great focus on Eco-Initiatives. They have a detailed strategy of the work they are doing to become more eco friendly.

Green Iftar
• Adopt and implement a ‘single use plastics policy’
• Introduce reusable cups and plates
• Add water coolers
• Provide attractive branded reusable York Mosque bottles
• Encourage congregation during khutbas, reminders before Isha to bring their own
water bottles
• Encourage smaller portions, take home what isn’t finished

Ongoing Projects

Reduce wastewater during wudhu by flow
restrictor taps
• Automatic lights off in low usage areas
• Optimise recycling protocols
• Encourage car sharing, walking, cycling, public
• Explore cost-benefit analysis of solar panels/heat
recovery/rainwater systems
• Consider setting up electric car charging points
• Add water collection butts to recycle rainwater

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