Staffing & Employment

‘But unto those who have attained to faith and do good works give the glad tiding that theirs shall be gardens through which running waters flow. Whenever they are granted fruits there from as their appointed sustenance, they will say, “It is this that in days of yore was granted to us as our sustenance!’

(Quran chapter 2: verse 25)

Choosing and appointing a person

The mosque should follow its recruitment and selection policy or have certain procedures and policies to appoint staff. These could be either paid or volunteer staff.

Advertising the post

Advertise the post using various methods, such as notice boards and newspapers.


It is good practice to use a formal system when short listing. For example, you could use a points scoring system to assess candidates against the qualities listed in the person specification.


It is also a good idea to use a scoring system for interviews and to write down comments as you go along. Use these to help make a decision after the end of the interviews. You can, if you feel it is appropriate, arrange to have some kind of ‘competency-based’ test as part of the interview (as long as you’ve told the interviewees about this beforehand).

Decision time

Using the scoring system as an aid, decide who you think should get the job. If you need to, you can hold second interviews for interviewees you have short listed. But decide first whether the cost of a second round of interviews is justified.

Volunteer management

Mosque leaders constantly ask for help with their tasks and recruit volunteers to do this. But many mosques do not have a system in place to support, equip, and keep volunteers.