‘Said [God]: “O Moses! Behold, I have raised thee above all people by virtue of the messages which I have entrusted to thee, and by virtue of My speaking [unto thee]: hold fast, therefore, unto what I have vouchsafed thee, and be among the grateful!’

(Quran chapter 7: verse 144)

Communications are defined as any means of passing information among people and groups in the congregation, or information about the mosque to the wider community.

Promoting your Mosque in the media

Your mosque may be involved in activities and events that will interest local newspapers and radio, and sometimes regional TV. This is particularly true when the events involve the wider community. But remember that it is the unusual or special that makes news. ‘Mosque holds service’ is not news. Nor is ‘Imam gives Khutbah.’ But ‘mosque holds charity dinner for local non-Muslim orphanage’ or ‘Imam speaks out against/for (a newsworthy local or national issue)’ are news items more likely to win coverage.

Developing a Mosque website

Mosques are discovering that the internet can be used effectively to support their congregations, and to reach out to others in their communities and around the world. Before you design your mosque web pages, you need to have some specific goals you want to achieve with your site. Keep these in mind as you maintain and develop your site. It is also a good idea to have someone with professional design skills to help you.