Accountability and Transparency

‘Unto God belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth. And whether you bring into the open what is in your minds or conceal it, God will call you to account for it; and then He will forgive whom He wills, and will chastise whom He wills: for God has the power to will anything.’

(Quran chapter 2: verse 284)

Accountability In the context of mosque management or trusteeship, is all about giving and receiving facts and explanations within open and honest relationships. It is about holding oneself responsible to others and communicating one’s actions accordingly.


Transparency is about honest and clear communication to improve disclosure, increase knowledge and improve mutual understanding and support.

Monitoring and evaluation

Although the term ‘monitoring and evaluation’ tends to be used as if it is only one thing, monitoring and evaluation are, in fact, two distinct sets of organisational activities. They are related but they are not the same thing.

Quality Assurance

The term Ihsan in Islam is something that closely resembles the concept of quality. It is about aiming for excellence in whatever we do. A quality assurance system demonstrates that your organisation is committed to providing good service and practice through working to a set of agreed standards. There are also some formal tools that have been developed by organisations for self evaluation.