Shortlisted Imam – Shaykh Mufti Raza

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Shaykh Mufti Hassan Raza is the founder of Al Markaz ul Islami, a leading educational institute with 5 campuses across West Yorkshire.

He is also the founder of Save the Mother’s Trust [SMT], an award-winning charity working across the globe, as well as here in the UK to support the poor, needy and vulnerable. The Shaykh is also the founder of Support Muslim Business Forum [SMBF], based upon Prophetic traditions the organisation seeks to unite Muslim businesspeople and professionals, bringing together their strengths to promote an ethical way of trade and to empower the international Muslim Community.

The Shaykh is an acclaimed author, a counsellor and qualified homeopath.

Shaykh Mufti Qazi Hassan Razza played a leading role in Bradford’s response to COVID-19.

Under the Shaykhs leadership, it was the Al Markaz Medics that instigated urgent meetings with Bradford Council for Mosques, which led to the unanimous decision to suspend congregational prayers at masjids across the city. These early steps and his direction saved lives.

The Shaykh met with Bradford Hospital chiefs and not only offered Al Markaz ul Islami to the hospital but also developed a plan of action which ensured support for dying patients and their families through an extremely difficult period when all hospitals adopted a zero-visiting policy.

Within this period the Shaykh authored & published, Muslim Funeral Rites: In Light of Covid 19 Pandemic. It covered: Consolement and guidance for bereaved families, Islamic rulings on ghusl & burial, medical advice and guidance including PPE, Islamic rulings on the fasting of Ramadan by front line health care professional during Covid 19. This publication has since been shared across the world.

Under the Shaykh’s guidance and direction, SMT was one of the first charities that hit the ground running with its COVID-19 Self Isolation Support Scheme. Hundreds of food packs and hot meals continue to be distributed across the district on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 has had a disastrous effect on businesses, job losses and local trading. Through SMBF, the Shaykh ensured the local community was assisted with up to date government information, support and guidance through live webinars.

The Shaykh continues to hold online Dhikr gatherings on a weekly basis to enhance the spiritual wellbeing of Muslims around the world.

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