Rumi Mosque – Four Star Accredited

Kite-Mark Quality for Mosques

The Beacon Mosque initiative fosters, encourages and promotes the revival of the prophetic Mosque. Faith Associates offers expert advice through practitioners with 20 years experience in Mosque management, offering three tier accreditation – three star, four star and five star standards.

Mevlana Rumi Mosque is one of the first recognised Beacon Mosques and one that has achieved 4 star certified Beacon Mosque Accreditation. This community hub does not just provide worship facilities but serves both its congregation and the wider community through the provision of services such as providing support for the needy, outreach programmes, brilliant education facilities and sports hub for the youth. They were winners of best charity work and best madrassah service at the 2018 British Beacon Mosque Awards.

Accreditation Plaque Ceremony

Faith Associates officially awarded Mevlana Rumi Mosque with their plaque in a short ceremony attended by Mosque leaders, teachers, imams, volunteers and the wider community.

10 areas of developing excellence

The foundation of a Beacon Mosque lies on 10 global standards, of which Mevlana Rumi Mosque met. These standards form the policy, management and governance infrastructure to ensure sustainable, inclusive and forward looking institutions.

Community Development

Accountability & Transparency

Additional Services



Management & Governance

Policies & Procedures

Facilities Management

Staffing & Employment

Financing & Fundraising