Most Impactful Alimah – Shaykha Noshin Gul

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Shaykha Noshin Gul was born in Birmingham and currently resides in Manchester. After completing her undergraduate degree in Applied Chemistry and postgraduate studies in Material Engineering in 2005, she travelled to Syria in the pursuit of traditional sacred knowledge. She spent two years in Damascus, studying Arabic at the Abu Nur Institute, as well as Tajwid and other disciplines such as Theology, Jurisprudence, Hadith, Legal Theory and Hadith Principles with leading scholars of Syria.

She specialised in Quranic Phonology (Tajwid). As a result, she was awarded a licence to teach (Ijazah) by one of the Seven Senior Reciters of Damascus, the late Shaykh Abul Hasan Al-Kurdi, as well as Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi. Further, she also studied this discipline under the late Shaykh Shukri Al-Luhafi.

Under Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi, she studied several texts including Al-Sha’rani’s spiritual treatise Etiquettes of Companionship (Adab Al-Suhba) and Al-Busiri’s Poem of the Mantle, (Qasida Al-Burda).

After her return to British shores, she was appointed Head of Primary Islamic Education at a Madrasa in Dewsbury, assuming this role for 3 years. She co-founded Sacred Vows Introduction Service and ISNAD Institute where she is a lecturer. She currently serves on the board of Guidance Hub in Manchester and is a lead on many of the activities and initiatives.

While leading several community projects, she has also taught Tajwid to hundreds upon hundreds of students across the country in Manchester, Dewsbury, Bradford, Birmingham and other cities. She has taught at universities, including, Huddersfield, Leeds and Bradford Universities. She has attended conferences across the UK and is a charismatic and inspiring public speaker.

She has also trained many teachers of Quran for after-school madrasas in Bradford, Batley and Manchester and continues to improve and train teachers. She founded the Manchester Quran Academy where she is principal. She holds monthly gatherings for ladies and is an enthusiastic hiker, taking groups to several climbs across the UK. Also a mother of 3 young children she has initiated various activities for nurturing children and building good character.

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