Members of the Sikh community won several hearts as they sanitised the Jama Masjid ahead of Eid. The incident, which has set an example of communal harmony in front of the country took place on Saturday.

Jama Masjid will remain closed for congregational prayers as part of the lockdown imposed in the country to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Ahead of Eid, several important names in the Muslim community also released video messages, asking people to follow the norms of social distancing to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

The volunteers who sanitised the Jama Masjid are associated with the United Sikhs. United Sikhs told The Times of India, “As the capital battles the novel coronavirus, Jama Masjid is closed for congregational prayers. However, a team of Sikh volunteers sanitised the monument to ensure safety for caretakers and visitors. ”

Exemplifying Communal Harmony, Sikh Community Members Join Hands To Sanitise Jama Masjid

Parvinder Singh Nanda, director of United Sikhs said that they have been distributing food and PPE kits at hospitals and quarantine centres. He said that the United Sikhs are constantly working to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

An organisation which was started in 1999, the United Sikhs has been working in 11 countries. Mufti Mohammad Tahir Hussain, who accompanied the United Sikhs on Saturday. said that he sought permission from Imam Bhukari for the sanitisation. Imam Bukhari also thanked the United Sikhs for their gesture.

Naib Shahi Imam Syed Shaban Bukhari also accompanied the United Sikhs as they sanitised the Jama Masjid. Naib Shahi Imam said that the Sikh community has always set examples of humanity with their gestures. He said, “This enormous crisis can be fought off only if all communities, nations and people unite.”

Source: Mirror Now News