A hot meal is a simple thing, but in these difficult times something that can make all the difference.

Volunteers at the Cambridge Central Mosque are cooking, packaging and delivering meals and food parcels around the local area.

Faisal Malik is one of the organisers. “It’s not just about the food,” he says. “It’s that people know that there is someone thinking about them, that someone cares and is there to take care of them.”

They’re delivering around 100 hot and cold food parcels a day – to those who can’t get out, homeless shelters, vulnerable groups and refugee families.

“A lot of Muslims would say you get a new lease of life, more energy during Ramadan – despite the fact you’re fasting. And especially as the situation is now, there’s a lot of motivation to help as many people as we can.”


Thirty-five hot food meals a day also go to staff working at the critical care unit at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge

“It’s the least we can do”, says Faisal. “We love the NHS and what they’re doing for us.”

“It is just so kind to provide something so that, when we finish a long day, we can come away and in a couple of minutes we have something to nourish us. Thank you so much.”


Dr Sejad Mekic is the Principal Imam at Cambridge Central Mosque. He’s delighted how the Mosque’s volunteers have come together to help.

“They’ve been brave enough to give so much of their time and energy and resources”, he explains. “We have so many people doing different things. For example we have a helpline where anyone can call up anytime to talk about their issues or ask for help. It makes a big difference”.

Elsewhere volunteers from the mosque are helping deliver prescriptions and essential supplies, offering free journeys and food deliveries for NHS workers and fundraising for the city’s foodbank.

The Mosque is an important place for many in Cambridge. But now, more than ever, it’s playing a vital role in the lives of even more.

Source: ITV