Category #10 – Most Innovative Service :

This category is seeking to award a Mosque for developing and sustaining something unique or innovative that supports the worshippers or the wider community.

The innovation can be structural, financial, educational, medical/Supportive (Counselling, scio social support service service)

2018 winner: Madina Institute, Oldham.

2019 winner: Harrow Central Mosque

2020 Winner: Al Markaz Ul Islami

Shortlisted Mosques 2020

Khizra Mosque

Khizra Mosque was pleased to start 2 new innovative initiatives this year including free rental of bikes and laptops to those who would struggle to purchase them in turn helping those less well off in the community benefit from these items free of charge. This has been beneficial to those in the community.

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AlMarkaz Ul Islami

Al Markaz Ul Islami were the first Mosque in the UK to implement technology for sanitisation used for worshippers after lockdown, aimed at improving the safety and cleanliness of the Mosque for worshippers.

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