Category #12 – Most Impactful Alimah

This category is seeking to award an Alimah that have shown through their work positive impact in the Mosque and/or in the surrounding community.

Impact could relate to changes in behaviour, change in community perceptions, contributions to community activities or programmes that are changing peoples lives. Due to COVID-19, many have used online platforms for webinars, talks and sessions – Alimahs that have engaged online with communities are encouraged to apply.

Judges will be looking for evidence or testimonials to demonstrate impact.

2020 Winner: Ustadha Noshin Gul

Shortlisted Alimahs 2020

Noshin Gul

Shaykha Noshin Gul was born in Birmingham and currently resides in Manchester. After completing her undergraduate degree in Applied Chemistry and postgraduate studies in Material Engineering in 2005, she travelled to Syria in the pursuit of traditional sacred knowledge. She currently serves on the board of Guidance Hub in Manchester and is a lead on many of the activities and initiatives.
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Ustadah Rukia Bi

Ustadah Rukhia Bi is a Muslim Chaplain at Keele University and Islamic Centre who joined in 2018 as their first Muslim Chaplain. She has developed a range of bespoke services for students and provides key support to those in need across a range of areas.

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Ustadah Sidra Ahmed

Ustadah Sidrah Ahmed is very active within the community. She is a spiritual advisor and counsellor at Bashir Ahmed Masjid, Southampton. She is also the founder of the Sister2Sister initiative (as a counsellor and advisor for sisters) and is involved with the YouTube channel, Naseeha: In Light of the Quran and Sunnah.

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