Category #8 – Most Impactful Alimah

This category is seeking to award an Alimah that have shown through their work positive impact in the Mosque and/or in the surrounding community.

Impact could relate to changes in behaviour, change in community perceptions, contributions to community activities or programmes that are changing peoples lives.

Judges will be looking for evidence or testimonials to demonstrate impact.

2021 Winner: Maysoon Shafiq

2020 Winner: Ustadha Noshin Gul


Maysoon Shafiq


Maysoon Shafiq is the founder and Director of Al Mu’Minun (The Believers), a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the youth through open spaces of spirituality, dialogue, and empowerment.

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Ustadhah Nagheba

Ustadhah Nagheba is a graduate of and former teacher at Dar al-Zahra in Tarim, Hadramaut.

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Ustadhah Misba Khan

Ustadha Misba Khan works tirelessly to teach and support families and has built an organisation that has helped many people in Derby.

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