Guidance Hub Manchester Shortlisted – Best Madrassah Service 2020

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Guidance Hub – Our Mission
“Guidance Hub was established in 2015 to serve the community of Greater Manchester. Our objective is to build a vibrant, productive and prosperous society. Focusing on: education, spirituality and community.”Guidance Hub won the 2019 Beacon Mosque Award in 2019 for Best Youth Service.

In September 2017 they acquired our very own premises in Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Our plan is to create a hub for the community of Greater Manchester and to offer many services for the local community, including:

– Islamic education for all: men, women, children, youth and adults​
– Sports and recreational facilities
– GCSE and A-Level tuition services
– Services for home schoolers
– Safe haven for women
– A hub for the youth
– New-Muslims support services
– Projects related to relief of poverty in our local area
– Counselling services
– Spiritual centre for Muslims

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