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Ustadha Rina Begum

Ustadha Rina Begum is the driving force behind Sisters United at Darul Ilm in Birmingham. Sisters United runs various programs aimed at positive engagement for local Muslim women and the wider community. These initiatives have a profound impact on the community, and Ustadha Rina’s leadership is inspirational. Here are some of the key activities and the impact of the work she has led:

  • Programs and Courses: Sisters United offers a range of programmes, including webinars, day courses, and short- and long-term courses. These programmes provide valuable knowledge and skills to women in the community.
  • Counselling Provision (Upside Down): The Upside Down project, led by Ustadha Rina, offers mentoring and talk therapy, providing essential emotional and psychological support to individuals in the community. This support is available both onsite, online and over the phone.
  • Sisters-Only Events: Ustadha Rina and her team organize exclusive events and activities for sisters. These events offer a safe and supportive space for women in the community.
  • Inspiration and Empowerment: Through her work, Ustadha Rina has motivated individuals to become volunteers and community activists in their own right. Her guidance has enabled many women to gain knowledge and skills to contribute to community building.
  • Upside Down Project Impact: The Upside Down project, in particular, has made a significant impact. It has provided a free listening service to numerous people, helping to alleviate emotional difficulties and reduce feelings of loneliness. This support has been a lifeline for many individuals in need.
  • Online and Onsite Support: The online and onsite activities organized by Sisters United and led by Ustadha Rina offer much-needed support to local sisters. This support is deeply rooted in moral and spiritual principles.
  • Community of Positive Interaction: The work of Ustadha Rina and Sisters United has created a strong and positive community of interaction for sisters of all ages. These interactions foster a sense of belonging and support within the community.

Overall, Ustadha Rina’s leadership and the initiatives she oversees have made a significant impact on the well-being and personal development of women in the local Muslim community. The range of programs and services provided, from education to emotional support, has created a thriving and supportive network. The positive influence of Ustadha Rina and Sisters United extends beyond the classroom and counselling sessions, shaping the lives of many women and inspiring them to be active members of their community.

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