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Ustadha Fatima Qasmi

Ustadha Fatima Qasmi has been a dedicated and inspirational faith leader and chaplain at Leytonstone Masjid in London. Here is an overview of her significant contributions and achievements:

Long-standing service: Ustadha Fatima has been serving at Leytonstone mosque since 1987. Her long and dedicated service at the mosque spans decades, during which she played various important roles.

Support: In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she provided extensive support to her late husband, who served as the Imam of the mosque. This support included assisting with Ghusal (ritual washing of the deceased) and visiting the sick, highlighting her commitment to both the spiritual and practical needs of the community.

Guidance and training: Ustadha Fatima was actively involved in training teachers, ensuring that the educational programs at the mosque were of the highest quality. Her dedication to nurturing students extended beyond academic teaching, as she provided them with advice and guidance to engage in daawah (Islamic outreach) work and serve the community effectively.

Interfaith work: Her commitment to interfaith dialogue and collaboration was instrumental in building bridges between different faith communities. This work not only fostered understanding and cooperation but also promoted a sense of unity among diverse groups.

Support for the elderly: Ustadha Fatima’s efforts to combat loneliness among the elderly within the community are a testament to her compassion and dedication. Her work helped provide companionship and support to older individuals, enriching their lives and creating a sense of belonging.

Assisting the homeless: She also played an active role in providing comfort and hope to homeless individuals and rough sleepers. Her work addressed the needs of the most vulnerable members of society and demonstrated her commitment to social justice.

Blue Plaque: Ustadha Fatima’s outstanding contributions and leadership were honored with a blue plaque by the Waltham Forest Council. This recognition came during a ceremony at Grove Residential care home, marking International Women’s Day.

Ustadha Fatima Qasmi’s enduring dedication and multi-faceted contributions have left an indelible mark on the Leytonstone community and beyond. Her work as a faith leader, mentor, and community builder has been characterized by compassion, inclusivity, and a strong commitment to serving the spiritual and social needs of her community.

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