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Ustadah Aniqa Rashid

Ustadha Aniqa Rashid, through her remarkable dedication and vision, has become a beacon of inspiration within the community, shaping a lasting legacy. Here’s a summary of her impact and accomplishments:

Founding Taqwa Institute: Ustadha Aniqa embarked on the journey of establishing Taqwa Institute with the aim of preserving and carrying forward the legacy of her parents. She started this initiative from humble beginnings, in the attic of her mother’s house, with a small group of students and their parents who placed their trust in her character and principles.

A 15-Year Journey: Over the course of 15 years, Ustadha Aniqa’s dedicated efforts have yielded significant results. Many of her initial students have remained with the Institute or have pursued careers in teaching, nursing, and various forms of community service. Her students’ reach now extends across the globe, a testament to the enduring impact of her teachings.

Nurturing Hufaadh and Aalimahs: Through her guidance, Ustadha Aniqa has nurtured Hufaadh (those who have memorized the Quran) and Aalimahs (female Islamic scholars), playing a crucial role in the preservation of Islamic knowledge and values.

Instilling Love for Deen: Ustadha Aniqa has instilled a deep love for the Deen (faith) within her students. Her teachings extend beyond religious knowledge, touching the hearts of her students and guiding them on a path of faith and devotion.

Community Outreach: Ustadha Aniqa’s impact is not confined to the classroom. She has made significant strides in the Oldham community. Her efforts have garnered recognition from members of the local council who have witnessed the transformative changes she is pioneering within the community.

Building Strong Islamic Principles: Ustadha Aniqa’s mission is to create a generation of Muslims with strong Islamic principles and unwavering faith. She extends her educational services to all age groups, conducting Quran and Hadith classes for adults. Her commitment to nurturing and educating the next generation is evident in her approach, which encompasses mental health workshops for teens, awareness programs for Islamophobia, and guidance on how to overcome challenges that young Muslims may face in their lives.

Legacy and Impact Beyond Education: Ustadha Aniqa’s impact extends beyond traditional education. Her commitment to instilling Islamic values and shaping the character of her students is a testament to her extraordinary role. She has arranged for students to travel to Al-Aqsa, imparting a deep understanding of legacy and the impact they, as the next generation of Muslims, can leave behind.

Ustadha Aniqa’s legacy is a living testament to her vision, commitment, and tireless efforts. She is not just a teacher but a source of hope, care, and a catalyst for positive change within the broader community. Her qualities resonate with the great women of Islam, embodying the spirit of the Prophet’s wives and daughters. Ustadha Aniqa Rashid is more than an educator; she is an exemplar of change and an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of being guided by her.

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