Shaykh Muhammad Afzal Saeedi

Shaykh Kawsar Ahmad Al-Azhari

Shaykh Kawsar Ahmad Al-Azhari, serving as an Imam and Khateeb at Oldham Muslim Centre, has made valuable contributions to the community through his religious leadership and educational activities. Here are some key aspects of his work:

Friday Khutbahs and Weekly Lessons: Shaykh Kawsar Ahmad Al-Azhari conducts regular Friday khutbahs at the mosque, delivering insightful and spiritually uplifting sermons. He also leads weekly lessons, providing the congregation with opportunities for religious education and personal growth.

Impactful Fiqh Lessons: His regular Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) lessons have had a significant impact on the musallis (worshipers) at the mosque. These lessons have influenced positive changes in the daily lives of the community members, helping them better understand and implement Islamic principles in their routines.

Community Outreach: Shaykh Kawsar Ahmad Al-Azhari extends his services beyond Oldham Muslim Centre by delivering khutbahs and talks at different masjids (mosques). This outreach effort allows him to share his knowledge and wisdom with a wider audience, benefiting more members of the Muslim community.

Social Media Engagement: He actively engages with the community through social media platforms, where he shares valuable insights, religious teachings, and updates. This digital presence connects him with people seeking religious guidance and inspiration in the online sphere.

Shaykh Kawsar Ahmad Al-Azhari’s dedication to serving the community, imparting religious knowledge, and engaging with people through various platforms exemplifies his commitment to fostering spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of Islam. His contributions as an Imam and Khateeb have a positive impact on the community at Oldham Muslim Centre and beyond.

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