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Saqib Junaid Khan

Saqib Junaid Khan is a remarkable individual who has made significant contributions to the Islamic community in Southampton, particularly through his involvement with Bashir Ahmed Mosque and the establishment of Al-Hayat Centre. He began his journey as a young student and quickly demonstrated his potential to further the cause of religion in the South East. Saqib’s dedication to youth and educational services in Southampton and his commitment to promoting Islamic values are evident in his achievements.

Here are some of the key highlights of Saqib’s contributions:

  • Inspirational Youth Work: Saqib’s engagement with the youth and his efforts to provide them with valuable resources and guidance have been instrumental in his community. His work has not only benefited the young people but has also inspired many to take active roles within their mosques and centers.
  • Pioneering Online Presence: He was a trailblazer in introducing online platforms and live streaming of religious talks and events within the local Muslim community. His initiative, Naseeha YouTube channel, set the standard for online Dawah in Southampton and inspired other mosques to follow suit. As a result, every mosque in the city now has some form of online presence.
  • Building Al-Hayat Centre: Saqib played a vital role in the establishment and renovation of Al-Hayat Centre, making it a leader in youth and Madrassah work in the region. His hard work was instrumental in getting the centre off the ground and ensuring its success.

Saqib has tirelessly contributed to the growth and development of the mosques and Islamic centres in Southampton. He is always willing to lend a hand, assist with various activities, and provide support where needed. His dedication and significant contributions have left a lasting impact on the Islamic community in Southampton. His work has not only benefited the community at large but has also inspired and empowered young individuals to become active participants in their local mosques.

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