Saqib Junaid Khan

Nurdin Jahar

Nurdin Jahar’s dedication and exceptional volunteer work at EMCA Mosque & Centre in London have had a profound impact on the community. Over his seven years of volunteering, Nurdin has taken on various crucial roles, and his commitment and energy for serving the community are truly remarkable. Despite working full-time and being a husband and father of four children, he dedicates his free time to enhancing the services and activities offered by the mosque. His selfless dedication is a testament to his love and devotion to serving the community for the sake of Allah.

Here are some of the key contributions and responsibilities Nurdin has taken on as a volunteer:

  • Youth and Community Engagement: Nurdin has introduced and organized a wide range of activities, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, youth clubs, football, half-term programs, and summer activities. These initiatives have made the mosque and centre more vibrant and welcoming, attracting youth and community members.
  • Administrative and Coordination Roles: He plays a pivotal role in running the mosque and centre, managing hall bookings, handling emails, maintaining the website, and coordinating social media pages. He also takes care of the logistics and organization of Jumu’ah prayers, Ramadan programs, Eid celebrations, emergency appeals, and other general events throughout the year.
  • Community Outreach: Nurdin actively engages in outreach efforts, building connections with other communities, the council, organizations, and politicians. This has elevated the status of the mosque and centre as a valuable stakeholder in the wider community.
  • Enhancing the Community Experience: Under his leadership, the mosque has evolved from a place solely for prayer to a vibrant hub for learning, recreation, advice, and support. Nurdin’s dedication has created an environment that feels like a second home to the community.
  • Website and Social Media Presence: He has established social media pages and a website to help the community stay informed about the different services and activities offered by the mosque and centre.

Nurdin’s impact on individuals and the community as a whole has been significant. His efforts have transformed the mosque and centre into a lively, active, and engaged community space, where individuals of all ages can learn, socialize, and grow. This transformation has not only benefited the local Muslim community but has also positively influenced the broader community, including neighbours, the council, politicians, and other community organisations.

Nurdin Jahar’s selfless dedication, boundless energy, and passion for serving the community make him an outstanding candidate for recognition and appreciation for his contributions as a volunteer at EMCA Mosque & Centre in London.

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