Masjid Esa ibn Maryam

Muslim Welfare House Mosque

Muslim Welfare House Mosque in London has collaborated with Zubeda Welcome to facilitate a range of outreach activities that have made a significant impact on their community and beyond:

  • Retaining Faith for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Children: The mosque has undertaken exceptional efforts to coordinate refugee and asylum seeker children’s attendance at their Madrassah (Iqraa). This initiative aims to help these children retain their faith while also paying for their Madrassah fees, ensuring that they have access to Islamic education.
  • Supporting Non-Profit Charity: This collaboration between the mosque and Zubeda Welcome benefits both organizations, as the charity coordinates, manages, and administers the needs of these vulnerable children to help them retain their faith by covering their madrasa fees.
  • Community Outreach and Coordination: Dedicated efforts involve reaching out to various places of residence, events, fairs, and institutes to steer these children to Islamic studies, ensuring they receive the necessary religious education.
  • Collaborative Partnership: The mosque and Zubeda Welcome have established a strong and mutually beneficial relationship, working as a team to ensure that these children have access to Islamic education.
  • Eid Parties and Integration: MWH. through it’s partnerships. has organized five annual Eid parties for refugee kids and their families. These events have been incredibly successful, bringing smiles to the faces of children and contributing to a happier and more integrated community in the North London area where the mosque is located. These activities help refugee and asylum seeker children integrate and adapt, fostering a sense of belonging in a diverse community while preserving their faith.

Muslim Welfare House Mosque exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved when community organizations work together to support vulnerable populations and provide access to religious education.

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