Saqib Junaid Khan

Mohammed Ali Dhorat

Mohammed Ali Dhorat is the dedicated leader of the bereavement team at Masjide Noorul Islam in Blackburn. Under his leadership, this team of both brothers and sisters plays a crucial role in supporting the mosque’s bereaved community members. Their volunteer work is essential for facilitating all community funerals, both for members of the mosque and non-related members. Without these dedicated volunteers, it would be challenging for the community to carry out this vital service.

The bereavement team’s impact and Mohammed Ali Dhorat’s leadership are significant:

  • Attracting New Members: The team’s passion and dedication have attracted new members who wish to contribute to the group’s mission.
  • Efficient Funeral Services: Their efforts have streamlined and enhanced the funeral services provided by the mosque. This includes coordinating with hospitals, doctors, coroner’s offices, cemetery offices, and local and out-of-town funeral groups regarding Janazah prayers.
  • Supporting Bereaved Families: The team has made a profound difference in the lives of bereaved families. Their support has not only eased the practical aspects of funeral arrangements but has also provided emotional support to families in their time of need.
  • Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem: Families have expressed how this service has helped them regain confidence and self-esteem, which may be diminished due to the personal loss they are experiencing.
  • Special Environment at the Cemetery: The environment at the cemetery is described as a place where hearts meet, and the volunteers’ dedication and effort contribute to creating a unique and supportive atmosphere.
  • Providing Respite: The volunteers offer loved ones valuable time off, allowing them to have time to themselves. This respite is invaluable during times of grief.
  • Supporting Hospital Staff: By assisting with funeral arrangements and other tasks, the volunteers enable medical staff to focus on their crucial work, making the best possible use of their time.
  • Mentoring Young People: The volunteers also engage in mentoring and encouraging young people to devote themselves to community service. This mentoring ensures a fresh and dedicated generation of volunteers to continue this essential work.

The volunteers, under Mohammed Ali Dhorat’s guidance, demonstrate a selfless and compassionate nature in their work. Their kind and caring instincts shine through in everything they do for Masjide Noorul Islam. This service is not just vital but also deeply meaningful for the community, as it provides crucial support for spiritual and mental well-being during difficult times. The volunteers continue to offer support and care to the bereaved community members in the most trying moments of their lives.

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