Brick Veil Mosque

Mecca Mosque

The Mecca Mosque in Bolton stands out for its meticulous design and inclusive features. The mosque can accommodate 1,475 worshippers, with a mezzanine area for 275 female worshippers, emphasizing inclusivity. Ablution facilities are well-equipped to ensure a comfortable worship environment.

Beyond prayer spaces, Makkah Mosque serves as an educational hub for 210 students, offering comprehensive Islamic studies. It also supports families during challenging times, providing dedicated spaces for funeral preparation, funeral services, and bereavement accommodation in the form of dedicated Fatiha rooms.

The mosque’s multi-use community space is a standout feature, designed for a wide range of activities, not limited to the Muslim community. It’s open to the wider community for conferences, drop-in clinics, networking events, and more, aiming to be a true community centre that brings people of all backgrounds together.

Architecturally, Makkah Mosque boasts a distinctive 25-meter diameter petalled dome, one of the largest designed for an Islamic building in the UK, reflecting a commitment to spiritual and architectural excellence. The prayer hall includes two galleried balconies for worshippers and a separate area for women, ensuring inclusivity and modesty.

In summary, Makkah Mosque, Bolton, has embraced a comprehensive set of activities and initiatives. It is not just a place of worship but a hub for education, support, community engagement, and architectural excellence.

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