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Madrasah Islamiyah

Madrasah Islamiyah, part of Mount Pleasant Islamic Trust in Batley offers a wealth of educational programmes and accomplishments that have had a profound impact on its community and beyond:

  • Evening Maktab Madrasah: Catering to over 900 participants from the ages of 5 to 15, the Evening Maktab Madrasah provides essential religious education and fosters a sense of community among its students.
  • Hifz Provision: The Hifz program consists of 100 boys and girls, contributing to the preservation of the Quran’s sacred text and the development of huffaaz of high standards.
  • Adult Courses: Offering adult courses during the day and evening, Madrasah Islamiyah ensures that individuals of all ages have access to ongoing religious education.
  • Islamiyah Series Syllabus: The development of the Islamiyah Series Syllabus, accessible at, is a significant achievement. This syllabus is widely used across the country and abroad, making Islamic education more accessible and structured.
  • Interactive Qaidah: The interactive Qaidah available on the website is used globally, enhancing the learning experience and making it more engaging and effective.
  • Teacher Training: Madrasah Islamiyah’s commitment to teacher development is commendable. They have held training sessions for over 500 male and female teachers nationally and frequently host teachers from other madrasahs, providing them with valuable insights and observations.
  • Training Across the UK and Abroad: The madrasah’s efforts extend far beyond Batley, with training sessions held in various towns and cities across the UK, as well as international locations such as Lisbon, Portugal, and Mozambique.
  • Strong Hifz Program: Madrasah Islamiyah boasts one of the strongest Hifz programs for an evening maktab, with over 161 hafiz of high standards. Their achievements in national and international hifz competitions showcase the program’s success.
  • Positive Nurturing and Community Bonds: The madrasah’s commitment to positive nurturing extends beyond the madrasah years, creating strong and lasting bonds within the community.
  • International Hifz Competition: Hosting an international Hifz competition in November is a testament to the level of progress and success achieved by the program.

Madrasah Islamiyah’s dedication to comprehensive education, teacher training, and the preservation of the Quran is commendable. Their impact is not limited to their local community but extends to students and educators worldwide, contributing to the broader promotion of Islamic education and unity.

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