Muslim World League Mosque

Leeds Grand Mosque

Leeds Grand Mosque (LGM) stands out as a beacon of support and guidance for new Muslims, embodying a commitment to their welcoming and nurturing journey. With a dedicated New Muslim Support Service spanning several years, LGM prioritises a mature and caring engagement. The mosque offers invaluable drop-in sessions every Sunday and regular circles for brothers and sisters, fostering a community where questions are welcomed, practices explored, and beliefs shared.

The Shahada service provided by LGM, complemented by an official certificate, underscores their commitment to celebrating and supporting new Muslims. What sets LGM apart is its recognition of the importance of involving the families of new Muslims, even if non-Muslim, actively engaging them in this transformative journey. The mosque extends its support beyond physical gatherings, providing recommended links, literature, Arabic, and Salah training for comprehensive faith-based learning.

LGM’s volunteer groups and drop-in sessions have proven instrumental, offering a network for new Muslims to connect, seek guidance, and enrich their understanding of Islam. The mentorship program, initiated by those who have embraced Islam, reflects a unique commitment to supporting others in their faith journey. Beyond the spiritual realm, LGM encourages social events, fostering a sense of community, inclusion, and family involvement for new Muslims.

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