Shaykh Muhammad Afzal Saeedi

Imam Ghulam Moyhuddin

Imam Ghulam Mohyuddin of Ashton Central Mosque in Ashton-under-Lyne is a highly dedicated and impactful religious leader who has made significant contributions to his community in various capacities. Here are some key highlights of his accomplishments and roles:

Educational Leadership: Imam Ghulam Mohyuddin plays a pivotal role in the mosque’s Madrasah, where he has developed and implemented an Islamic education system. Under his guidance, the Madrasah now serves approximately 300 students and employs eight teaching staff. He has also initiated and overseen a Hifz program at the mosque, resulting in a number of students completing their Hifz. Many of these accomplished Hufaaz are under the age of 20 and lead the recitation during Ramadan.

Cultivating Respectful Young Muslims: Imam Ghulam Mohyuddin’s vision goes beyond producing students of Islamic knowledge. He aims to nurture young Muslim adults who are not only knowledgeable but also confident and proud of their faith within the UK. His teaching approach, tailored to the needs of his students, reflects his deep knowledge and understanding of educational requirements.

Inspirational Khutbahs: His Friday sermons (Jummah khutbahs) are notable for their relevance and the inclusion of references to local and international current affairs. These sermons are well-received and attract a substantial number of attendees to Ashton Central Mosque. They are documented on the mosque’s website and are presented using PowerPoints.

Community Engagement: Imam Ghulam Mohyuddin extends his efforts to various community-based duties, including:

  • Serving as a chaplain for the Tameside Mayor.
  • Visiting local schools and hosting school visits at Ashton Central Mosque for over a decade.
  • Conducting adult Islamic classes.
  • Providing marriage counseling services.
  • Organizing work experience placements at the mosque.
  • Offering support to new Muslims.
  • Participating in interfaith discussions.

Imam Ghulam Mohyuddin’s multifaceted contributions to the mosque, his commitment to education and community engagement and his ability to connect with the diverse needs of his congregation demonstrate his passion for teaching and community service which has left a lasting positive impact on the Ashton Central Mosque community.

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