Masjid Esa ibn Maryam

Darul Ilm Birmingham

Darul Ilm Birmingham extends a warm welcome to the cherished mothers, daughters, and sisters within the community. Sisters United is dedicated to revitalizing essential services and provisions for the inspirational Muslimah community. Operating within a safe, secure Islamic ethos, Sisters United is committed to fostering community cohesion and support.

Recognising the empowerment bestowed upon women by Allah, Sisters United embraces the immense capacity of Muslimahs to give, share and support. The initiative aims to celebrate Muslimah identities while addressing social isolation through various initiatives and services:

  • Mother and Kids playgroup (weekly)
  • Money Matters (AIG, Debt counselling & signposting)
  • Youth Conviction Circle & Dawah Team
  • Monthly Girls Night
  • Sisters Jummah Congregation
  • Bereavement Circle
  • Carers Support Circle
  • Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan
  • Revert/New Muslimah Support Circle

In response to recent challenges, Sisters United emphasises the need for a Muslimah-friendly space for relaxation, socialisation, learning and friendship development. The initiative seeks to create a supportive environment for sharing, healing, growth, and realizing aspirations, believing that together, positive impacts can be made.

The Girls Night segment specifically focuses on nurturing the future of Islam by providing an inclusive space for young girls. Darul Ilm Birmingham prioritises ensuring that youth activities are accessible to all, irrespective of gender. Girls Night offers enjoyable evenings filled with fun activities, charity bakes, quizzes, games, movie nights, and more, fostering a sense of community, laughter and engagement.

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