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Central Mosque of Brent

The Central Mosque of Brent, located in an area of London Borough of Brent with low educational attainment, poverty, and a highly diverse population, has embarked on various community initiatives to address the growing cost of living crisis and support its diverse community. Here are some key aspects of their community projects:

  • Food Assistance: The mosque recognized that the traditional food bank model was not ideal for the diverse community it serves, where individuals might not have access to referrals or vouchers. To provide more inclusive support, the Central Mosque of Brent partnered with the London Community Kitchen to offer a free fruit and vegetable market open to everyone in need.
  • Community Cafe: Building on the success of the free food market, the mosque has extended its support by launching a Community Cafe. This cafe provides hot meals and beverages to the entire community, further addressing food insecurity and supporting individuals facing economic challenges.
  • Inclusive Volunteer Engagement: The mosque emphasizes the involvement of volunteers from across the entire community, regardless of their religious beliefs, backgrounds, or orientations. This approach promotes community unity and collaboration in support of its various projects.
  • Health and Medical Education: The Central Mosque of Brent runs a Health and Medical Education Facility, facilitating access to healthcare and health education for community members. Their initiatives include administering over 13,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, screening for diabetes, conducting diabetic eye screenings, and organizing health seminars. They have also provided support for at-risk, vulnerable groups in the community, including homeless individuals, migrants, asylum seekers, and others.
  • Education Support: The mosque offers term-time education support classes for children, reinforcing its commitment to education within the community.
  • Official Census Support Center: The mosque has been an official Census Support Center, ensuring that the community’s voices are heard and represented in important national initiatives.

The impact of the Central Mosque of Brent’s initiatives has been significant and wide-reaching, touching various aspects of the community. These projects have provided essential support in times of crisis. The mosque’s work in health, education, and community engagement has made a positive difference in the lives of its community members, promoting unity, health, and well-being. The Central Mosque of Brent’s approach demonstrates a commitment to addressing the unique needs of a diverse and dynamic community.

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