Al-Hayat Centre

Al-Manaar MCHC

Al-Manaar Muslim Heritage Cultural Centre in London has made significant contributions to the youth in its community through a diverse range of activities and services. These initiatives have had a profound impact on the development and well-being of the youth:

  • Mosque Youth Activities: The centre offers a wide array of youth activities, including Quran and Tajweed classes, lectures, Eid and Ramadan events, sports activities, and weekend schools. These programs have not only enhanced the spiritual development of the youth but have also encouraged their active participation and volunteering, allowing them to gain valuable experience.
  • Youth Lectures: The topic-specific youth lectures have played a pivotal role in shaping the behaviour of young community members. Addressing themes like respect for parents and the community, these lectures have led to noticeable positive changes in the youth’s attitudes and conduct.
  • Creative Change Summer Club: This transformative summer camp has nurtured confidence in shy individuals, enabling them to open up and express themselves more effectively. Participants have learned to face their fears and develop strategies to overcome challenges in their daily lives.
  • Al-Manaar Youth Development Initiative (AYDI): Through the daily youth club, young members have undergone significant personal growth. Shy individuals have become confident, and those with anger issues have learned to manage their emotions constructively. The initiative also imparts knowledge about community issues, guiding youth on how to stay productive and positively contribute.
  • Youth Karate and Boxing Sessions: These physical activities have not only improved the physical fitness of the youth but have also positively impacted their mental well-being. The safe and controlled environment, along with coaches who understand their backgrounds, has proven to be highly effective in addressing their needs.
  • Youth Counselling Services: The one-on-one youth counseling service has provided a platform for young individuals to express their feelings and receive help. This service has made a substantial difference in their lives, with many finding a positive impact and continued support through regular sessions.

Al-Manaar’s dedication to the well-being and development of the youth is evident through the success and positive changes witnessed in the community. Their commitment to spiritual growth, confidence-building, and emotional well-being has made a significant impact, nurturing a generation of confident, responsible, and engaged individuals.

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