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Al-Madina Mosque in Barking, London has taken a remarkable and proactive approach to providing assistance and support in response to the devastating floods in Pakistan in 2022. The mosque’s initiative goes far beyond immediate humanitarian aid and seeks to create long-term, sustainable solutions for those affected. Here are the key aspects of the project:

  • Community Consultation: The mosque engaged in a community consultation process to understand the specific needs and desires of the affected community, particularly those with connections to Pakistan.
  • Infrastructure Development: The project aims to develop sustainable infrastructure to provide shelter, improve living conditions, and support economic opportunities for those affected by the floods. This includes:
    • Identifying land located outside flood-prone areas.
    • Securing the land.
    • Designing affordable, sustainable housing units with essential amenities like kitchens, toilets, solar energy, and water supply.
    • Building a community of 100 houses, which will incorporate a mosque, community center, children’s play area, and park.
    • Dedicating land for food cultivation.
    • Introducing six small businesses to help boost the local economy.
  • Fundraising: Al-Madina Mosque has undertaken fundraising efforts to support this ambitious project, highlighting the commitment of the local community to make a positive impact on a global scale.
  • Educational and Cultural Exchange: The project includes twinning the housing project with the mosque’s local supplementary school, with plans for exchange programs. It also introduces an “adopt a friend” program to connect children through pen-pal relationships, fostering understanding, friendship, and cultural exchange.
  • Addressing Spiritual Needs: The mosque will serve as a place to meet the spiritual needs of the community, nurturing the cultural and religious bonds of those involved.
  • Economic Opportunity: By introducing small businesses and supporting a collective effort within the village, the project aims to help boost the local economy and create opportunities for the residents.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: The project emphasizes an eco-friendly approach, respecting and valuing Allah’s creation, both human and environmental.
  • Empowerment: This project, initiated by a small local community charity, has a broad-reaching impact on various aspects such as education, empowerment, economic opportunity, community formation, and spiritual enlightenment. It is designed to improve the lives of around 800 individuals, providing them with opportunities and a better future they may not have had otherwise.
  • Inspiration for Others: The project serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved with limited resources but with significant determination and vision. It showcases the potential for grassroots initiatives to have a global impact.

Al-Madina Mosque’s project demonstrates the mosque’s commitment to helping those affected by the floods in Pakistan and providing a comprehensive, sustainable solution that extends beyond immediate relief efforts. It promotes community empowerment, cultural exchange, and environmental responsibility while creating lasting positive change for those in need.

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