Brick Veil Mosque

Al-Abbas Islamic Centre

The Al-Abbas Islamic Centre in Birmingham is embarking on a significant project to rebuild a modern and comprehensive complex that caters to various aspects of the community’s needs. Here are the key components of this project:

  • Mosque: The complex will house a mosque, providing a place for congregational prayers, religious activities, and spiritual gatherings.
  • Religious Halls: The project includes dedicated religious halls for various activities, including religious classes, lectures, and community events.
  • Library: A library will be available within the complex, fostering a culture of learning and providing resources for religious and educational purposes.
  • Social Spaces: Social spaces are an essential part of the project, creating areas where the community can gather, interact, and build relationships.
  • Funeral Parlour: The inclusion of a funeral parlour reflects the center’s commitment to providing essential services and support during challenging times.
  • Multi-Purpose Sports Hall (Future Development): The complex has plans for a multi-purpose sports hall to support physical activities and community engagement.

The vision of the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre is to offer a comprehensive range of services catering to all age groups and demographics, from young families to the elderly and those with special needs. In addition to serving its members, the Centre is known for its active role in promoting inter-faith dialogue and implementing environmentally friendly policies. Notably, the Centre played a pioneering role by offering Covid vaccinations. Its Imam, Sheikh Nuru Mohammed, holds the position of Co-Chair of Citizens UK, reflecting its commitment to civic engagement and community well-being.

The Centre’s reconstruction project is not only about delivering a functional building but also about positively impacting the local area. Its contemporary design ensures that it meets current and future needs, making it a sustainable and forward-thinking facility. The project, valued at £7.3 million, has already raised over 50% of the required funds, thanks to the support of the local community and global philanthropists.

Upon completion of the current phase of the project, which includes the Mosque and Prayer Halls, the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre aims to uplift the lives of its congregation and the broader local community. This ambitious project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of the Centre to its community and its future.

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