Al-Hayat Centre


The EMCA Mosque & Centre, located in London, is making a profound impact on the youth with a diverse range of activities and programs. These activities have not only kept the youth engaged but have also instilled essential life skills and values:

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu: Through Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, young participants learn self-control, discipline, self-defence, and respect. These attributes are integral to their personal development, making them responsible and well-rounded individuals.
  • Youth Club: The Youth Club provides a platform for young individuals to build strong friendships, become better Muslims, and lead more active lives, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth.
  • Football: Football goes beyond the field, teaching the youth valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and the importance of friendship, nurturing both physical and social development.
  • Quran School: EMCA’s Quran School helps young Muslims become more devout by memorizing the Quran, learning Arabic, and gaining a deeper understanding of Islam. It serves as a foundation for their spiritual journey.
  • Half Term Activities: The half-term activities include a range of team games and sports, instilling various skills and building friendships. This initiative offers an engaging alternative to staying home and getting absorbed in technology, encouraging active participation within the community.
  • Summer Program: The Summer Program offers indoor and outdoor activities, including team games, trips to various destinations, and even family involvement. It not only imparts new skills but also fosters friendships and prevents children from being isolated with technology.

EMCA’s commitment to youth development and community engagement is evident in the positive impact these activities have on young lives. By providing these opportunities, they are shaping a future generation that is not only well-rounded but also deeply connected to their faith and community.

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