Leeds Grand Mosque
Bilal Academy

Hounslow Muslim Centre

Hounslow Muslim Centre, a project of Haaya Foundation, is inspired by the Prophetic example of a Beacon Mosque and community hub, welcoming all members of the wider Hounslow communal family to a centre at the heart of educating future generations, fostering good civic relations and building a more harmonious society.

Their aim is to preserve the essence of the Islamic faith by empowering Muslims to achieve full potential in their spiritual, educational, physical, socio-economic and cultural aspirations.
Haaya Foundation works to advance the Islamic faith through the holding of prayer meetings, the establishment of religious places, production and distribution of Islamic literature, youth work, welfare projects, education, and community engagement.
Haaya Foundation is a focused and socially responsible charity, which endeavours to contribute through its humanitarian work to present a positive image of Islam & Muslims in the UK and across the world.
Houslow Muslim Centre offers the following:

  • Women Services
  • Dawah Activities
  • New Muslim Services
  • Children Education Services
  • Youth Services
  • Interfaith Work

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