Safiyya Dhorat
Mahmood M Sacha

Abdul Raoof Malik

Abdul Raoof Malik began volunteering at Easton Jamia Masjid in Bristol in 2013, originally joining to improve the mortuary after his father’s death. He has since taken on the role of Chair at Easton and worked almost full-time on a voluntary basis.

His dedication and commitment has contributed to a 40-year old church building now becoming one of the most talked about Mosque buildings in the country, inspiring hundreds of people with regular open days and events for Muslims and non-Muslims.

Abdul helped deliver a Iftar in the street on the opening of the Mosque which is now an annual event. He also set up the St Marks Road Community group which he co-chairs with the church, working together to operate a food bank. Abdul was shortlisted as Community Activist of the Year by the Academy of Urbanism and won the Greatest Street in the country for St Marks Road where the Mosque is situated.

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