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Bayt Al Qaim Islamic Centre

The BAQIC Madrassah has been successfully running since 2012 and year on year has increased in size currently having 120 students ranging from 5 to 17 years of age.

The Madrassah is run by professional teachers who are also teaching professionally in leadership positions. BAQIC is not just a traditional Madrassah, but more in that we have introduced various initiatives over the years, so as to provide a holistic education, however within the parameters of Islam. In addition to Quran classes delivered by specialist Arabic teachers emphasising on Maharaij and Tajweed, Aqaid, Fikh, Akhlaq and history are also taught.

Furthermore, relevant topics based on the challenges faced in todays day and age are discussed, led by the scholar. These have been popular providing a safe environment to discuss other religions, challenges faced in schools and the larger society. It is an open forum for the older children especially to open up and ask questions.

In addition to the Islamic curriculum, a number of initiatives are provided with a dynamic learning approach and style to cater for different types of learners and to embed modern and innovative ways of delivering the content and learnings.

The following initiatives have been implemented and are currently ongoing:

  • Ramadan love thy neighbour programme
  • Green Madrassa
  • Multi-skills
  • Career Carousel
  • Fundraising events
  • Sports days and picnics
  • Food and clothes banks
  • Mothers/Fathers day
  • Workshops for Ramadan, Hajj, Umrah, Wudu, Salah
  • SEN
  • Creative learning
  • Outdoor learning and play
  • Outdoor fun events
  • Friendly competitions
  • Assemblies and plays/Islamic theatre
  • Star of the week/attendance rewards
  • Leadership team meetings
  • Parent evenings
  • Online learning
  • Pre Hawza

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