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Al-Madani Masjid

Al-Madani Maktab aims to provide children with Islamic education in a fun and engaging way. They dynamic syllabus is designed to mould children into become holistic Muslims who fulfil their obligations to their Creator and acknowledge their responsibilities towards the wider community.

Madni Maktab focuses on academic excellence and strives to instil exemplary morals and characteristics; the love of Allah (SWT) and sentiment for his creation is at the heart of our ethos.

The curriculum is designed for children from ages of 5 to 15 years.

The Islamic curriculum adopts an exciting and ‘hands on’ approach. By practical demonstrations, assemblies and story time, lessons are made interactive and relatable far beyond the classroom. Students cover various topics of Fiqh, morals from the Seerah of the Ambiyah and Sahabah and memorise portions of the Quran and essential daily prayers.

Hifz Program
The Quranic studies program aims to enable students to read fluently with correct pronunciation with relevant application of the rules of Tajweed.

Online Portal
Parents can login to our online portal to view their child’s attendance, progress and comments from teachers.

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