Fattah Cup Inter-Madrassah Football Tournament: Showcasing Talent, Diversity, and Passion

The Fattah Cup Inter-Madrassah Football Tournament, part of the FIFA Forward Project, was successfully delivered in London, uniting 13 institutions and 30 teams across the city. Organized by Faith Associates in partnership with the London Football Association, Middlesex FA, and England Football, the event featured three age group tournaments (8-10, 10-12, 12-14) and highlighted the incredible talent, diversity, and passion of young footballers.

Faith Associates has been at the forefront of the FIFA Forward Project, supported by the Football Association. The Inter-Madrassah football tournament is part of a broader initiative, which includes a Mosque volunteer leadership training event scheduled for July 6, 2024, at St. George’s Park. The project was launched on April 16 at Wembley Stadium, bringing together key management and volunteer groups from participating institutions.

Since the launch, Faith Associates has worked closely with the management and volunteers from each institution, ensuring they were compliant and accredited with key trainings from the Football Association. Over 50 new volunteers from across the participating Mosques were involved, and these courses have empowered Mosques to continue delivering football sessions for children within their communities.

The tournament featured three simultaneous competitions for different age groups, with over 350 attendees, including children, parents, volunteers, management, and stakeholders. The event saw an impressive diversity among the 13 participating institutions from various boroughs in London and Middlesex.

The highlight of the tournament was the outstanding display of talent, dedication, and sportsmanship. Children from diverse backgrounds and boroughs competed passionately to win the inaugural Fattah Cup. Al Manaar Mosque (Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre), an accredited 5-star Beacon Mosque, emerged victorious in the 8-10 and 12-14 tournaments, while the Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre won the 10-12 tournament.

Ali, a coach from Al Manaar, praised the tournament, stating, “On behalf of Al Manaar staff, volunteers, and young people, I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing and well-organized tournament you organized on Saturday. It was one of the best tournaments we have ever attended.”

Similar positive feedback came from Uxbridge Mosque (BM Youth), finalists in all three age groups. Belal Hussian expressed the immense joy and satisfaction the tournament brought to the children and appreciated the fun environment that brought together different institutions from across London and Middlesex.

Fattah Cup Champions:

  • 8-10 Age Group: Al Manaar (Runners up: Uxbridge Mosque – BM Youth)
  • 10-12 Age Group: Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre (Runners up: Uxbridge Mosque – BM Youth)
  • 12-14 Age Group: Al Manaar (Runners up: Uxbridge Mosque – BM Youth)

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