Category #2 – Best Youth Service:

This category look at Mosques that have developed programmes and or facilities for the Youth (under 18 male or female). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be assessing how Mosques adapted and still provided support to the youth in the community and what programmes they had in place post-lockdown.

Judges will be looking to see if there are testimonies from youth that use the services or facilities.

2018 winners: Al Madina Mosque, Barking.

2019 winners: Guidance Hub, Manchester

2020 winners: Hayes Muslim Centre

Shortlisted Mosques 2020

Bahu Trust

The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust is a registered charity founded in 1983. While education and spirituality remain its core ethos, the Trust has realised the potential of building dynamic and confident communities that can express their faith and knowledge in a manner that is meaningful, productive and constructive in a modern British context. They have provided engaging and accessible youth services to the community in Birmingham for a number of years and these services have had a great impact on the youth.

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3 Meem

3 Meem Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit charity organization since 2018. 3 Meem Foundation has worked extremely hard to organize a range of activities tailored to the needs of the different aged group members of our local communities. The activities have been both faith based (Islamic) and also non- faith based in nature. Their key focus is personal and social development of young people by engaging them in all aspects of activities in upbringing good character and true reflection of faith. They have a large list of activities and services for the youth in their community.

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Khizra Mosque

Khizra Mosque and community centre is based in Manchester and is part of the UKIM which is a charity registered in the UK. Khizra Mosque has encouraged youth to engage in the activities held at the centre and carries out activities specifically for the youth

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Hayes Mosque

Hayes Muslim Centre have consistently provided various youth services and activities to the youth in Hayes and Harlington, this was continued in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the ECB ‘All Stars’ Programme, Hayes Muslim Centre worked with the England Cricket Board to train the head Imam to provide cricket sessions for the youth every week, providing a source of exercise and entertainment for young children on a consistent basis.

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