Category #5 – Best Women’s Service

This category is seeking to award the Mosque or a team associated with the Mosque that works to support the spiritual, emotional or intellectual needs of women in the Mosque. The judges will be looking to award where there are programmes, services and outstanding facilities that cater exclusively for women and girls.

2021 winner: Rumi’s Cave (Link)

2020 winner: Ashford and Staines Mosque (Link)

2019 winner: Al Madina Mosque, The Hive. (Link)

2018 winner: Khizra Mosque (Link)


Rumi’s Cave

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Rumi’s Cave is an alternative community hub, arts and events venue in London.

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Three Meem Foundation

Three Meem foundation has made women a matter of priority. It is one of their key focus areas as it understands the deep-rooted challenges for Muslim women.

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Finsbury Park Mosque

Finsbury Park Mosque focalises women’s services at the heart of their mosque, with the sisters leading the way in matters such as climate change, Islamophobia and more.

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