Best Run Mosque

This category awards Mosques who have demonstrated outstanding qualities in leadership and management with leaders that have either been selected or elected by the congregation to innovate and deliver outstanding facilities that service all.

Judges will be reviewing evidence related to management competence and in organising events, programmes, services, handling complaints, working with different communities, sharing their expertise, approachability and integrity.

2023 Winner – Ashton Central Mosque

2023 Finalists

  • Ashton Central Mosque

  • Raza Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre

  • Al-Emaan Centre

Note: Beacon Mosque Award winners are decided by an independent panel of judges who review the submitted evidence from shortlisted Finalists in detail, with the public vote providing a smaller weighting.

Previous winners:

2022: Maidenhead Mosque (Link)

2021: Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre, London (Link)

2020: Al Madina Mosque Barking, London (Link)

2019: Green Lane Masjid, Birmingham (Link)

2018: Al-Manaar MCHC, London (Link)