Category #5 – Best outrech programme:

This category will be looking to award Mosque Leaders or teams from the Mosque that have developed programmes that either reach out to communities from outside of the normal users or seeks to actively invite communities into the Mosque for either programmes or activities.

Example: All community work relating to the COVID-19 pandemic – Mosque Iftars online for Non Muslims, Homeless support, elderly support service, Blood donation etc

2018 winner: Finsbury Park Mosque

2019 winner: Al Manaar (Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre)

2020 winner: Masjid Al Falaah

Shortlisted Mosques 2020

Masjid Al Falaah

Masjid Al Falaah are a Mosque in Birmingham that provide various services and support to the local community, Muslim and Non-Muslim.

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Bahu Trust Mosque

The Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust is a registered charity founded in 1983. While education and spirituality remain its core ethos, the Trust has realised the potential of building dynamic and confident communities that can express their faith and knowledge in a manner that is meaningful, productive and constructive in a modern British context. They have provided engaging and accessible community services in Birmingham for a number of years and these services have had a great impact.

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Maidenhead Mosque

Since Maidenhead mosque’s establishment in 1983 making it the first purpose built mosque in Berkshire, the mosque has gone through many phases of development and progress. The building has become an attractive landmark of Royal Borough and is well-known to all muslim and non muslims. Serving the community, the mosque has developed over the years catering for all people by providing vital services and assistance.

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