Best Madrassah Service

This category awards Mosques offering a dedicated educational provision either on the same site or at an external location.

Judges will assess evidence related to the development and maintenance of a safe and comprehensive learning environment for students, providing them with learning opportunities and resources to connect with the Quran.

2023 Winner – Al-Arqam Arabic School

2023 Finalists

  • Al-Arqam Arabic School

  • Manchester Quran Academy

  • Madrasah Islamiyah

Note: Beacon Mosque Award winners are decided by an independent panel of judges who review the submitted evidence from shortlisted Finalists in detail, with the public vote providing a smaller weighting.

Previous winners:

2022: Lantern Academy, Rochdale (Link)

2021: Al-Mustafa Centre, Bradford (Link)

2020: Lantern Academy, Rochdale (Link)

2019: Al-Furqan Mosque, Manchester (Link)

2018: Mevlana Rumi Mosque, London (Link)