Category #3 – Best Madrassah Service Online:

This category looks at a Madrassah/maktab being run from inside a mosque or run by a Mosque management on another premises but linked to the Mosque. Due to COVID-19, we will be judging this service based on the best Madrassah services provided by Mosques online, adapting to the lockdown to still provide children with their Islamic education.

The judges are looking to award Mosque leaders/Madrassah team who have supported the development and maintenance of a comprehensive learning environment for children attending a Quranic madrassah.
Supporting staff with learning opportunities and resources to help children to connect with the Quran.

Winner 2018: Mevlana Rumi Mosque

Winner 2019: Al Furqan Mosque, Manchester

Winner 2020: Lantern Academy

Shortlisted Mosques 2020

Guidance Hub

Guidance Hub won the 2019 Beacon Mosque Award in 2019 for Best Youth Service. They are a community hub in Manchester that provide innovative and expert services for children, youth, women, elderly and more.

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London Islamic Cultural Society 

The London Islamic Cultural Society is Haringey’s first purpose built Mosque that provides a variety of extensive Madrassah classes and teachings to children in the community.

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Al Hira

Education and spirituality remains a core ethos of Al Hira, the Educational Centre also believe in the potential of building dynamic and confident communities that can express their faith and knowledge in a manner that is meaningful, productive and constructive in a modern British context.

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Lantern Academy

Lantern Academy is an innovative Madrassah located in Central Rochdale. They put their students wellbeing at the heart of everything that they do, therefore not only do they offer high-quality education, but also a rich variety of resources and character development activities.

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