Category #10 – Best Future Design:

This new category for 2021 seeks to award Mosque leadership teams who are building new, innovative facilities and buildings. In this award category we are looking at new Mosques that have recently been built or planning to be built in the near future that showcase effective delivery of beauty, high-quality design, sustainability and that can encompass services outside prayer for the wider community.

Winner 2021: Al-Mustafa Centre (Link)

No Previous Winners (Inaugural Award)


Al-Mustafa Centre


Established in 2002, the Al-Mustafa Centre operates as an Islamic learning and community facility in Girlington, one of Bradford’s most deprived areas.

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Newcastle Central Mosque

Newcastle Central Mosque is a vibrant and active Mosque in the North East of England hosting the daily prayers for hundreds of worshippers as well as many regular activities, classes and events for the local community.

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Old Kent Road Mosque & Islamic Cultural Centre

Whilst serving a diverse congregation, the Old Kent Road Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre is home to London’s oldest Nigerian Muslim community.

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