Category #4 – Best Elderly service:

This category seeks to award Mosque leaders or teams who have provided the facilities and support for the elderly to seek the most enriching experience when visiting the Mosque. Due to COVID-19, the elderly in our communities were most effected by the national lockdown, this category will be focusing on the Mosques that best provided support to the elderly in the community through medical assistance, food drops etc.. we know many Mosques across the UK went above and beyond in providing this support and will look to showcase and award this incredible work.

2018 winner: Hayes Muslim Centre

2019 winner: Khizra Mosque, Manchetsr

2020 Winner: Glasgow Central Mosque

Shortlisted Mosques 2020

Glasgow Central Mosque

Glasgow Central Mosque is the first purpose-built mosque in Glasgow. It works with other mosques throughout the city to help and represent Muslims from every background. It is one of the most recognised buildings in the city and as a result, a large number of people visit it throughout the year, including the media, schools, colleges, universities and also individuals who wish to learn more about Islam.

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Worthing Mosque

Worthing Islamic Social and Welfare Society provide Muslims and non-Muslims with the opportunity to learn and understand Islam, through dialogue, discussion and social interaction. They provide bespoke elderly service to the community to support those in need, this continued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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WISE Mosque

The Wycombe Islamic Centre (also known as Masjid as-Salam or the WISE Masjid) is a purpose built, multi-functional building and is a culmination of the combined efforts of the Muslim community over more than a decade. They provide various services to the community in Wycombe, with bespoke elderly services catering for the whole community, which was continued throughout the COVID pandemic.

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