Beacon Mosque Awards 2022

Funding: The Beacon Mosque initiative and the British Beacon Mosque Awards were established in 2018 following a decade long process of research and development. The entire Beacon Mosque Awards programme thus far has been graciously supported by Muslim philanthropy, donations/lillah and sponsorship. We are deeply grateful to our well wishers and supporters for making such a huge impact in the lives of so many and in the institutions/Mosques they serve. Shukran

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Best Run Mosque

Best Youth Service

Best Madrassah Service

Best Outreach Service

Best Women’s Service

Most Impactful Imam

Best Convert Support

Most Impactful Alimah

Most Innovative Service

Best Future Design

Best Mosque Volunteer

Judges Panel

Dr Ismail Amla

Monia Sahar Zahid

Dr Mahmood Chandia

Batool Al Toma

Yasin Rahim